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To enhance your moments of ceremonies, of celebrations and of learning, you can choose the practice of a ritual. A ritual includes a set of gestures and steps to follow that achieve a specific goal. It is a protocol that promotes the achievement of a goal.

In this section, you will find a selection of rituals that we offer. These are rituals that we have adopted or created and that you can easily use or modify according to your current needs.

May the blessings be on your practices and the results shown to be for the best of all.

This 2nd of February, let’s make Abundance for the year!

Abundance : Buy your salt February 2nd at Essence-Ciel! ⛰️ There is a tradition to ensure abundance for the coming year: just...

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A turning point for your life is possible

Reiki for life: It's a step on Your Path to Success, a step towards realizing your life of dreams.

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Complete Smudging Ceremony / Purification with Sage

A ritual of purification with Sage can be simple or elaborate. Circumstances (time and place) sometimes require proceeding with a simplified ritual....

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Practicing Tarot in our everyday life

You have several oracle or Tarot games at home, but you do not use them often? You seek to learn about your cards and to develop your relationship with your oracles? This article is for you!

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Creation of a Sacred Altar

The sacred altar is a special space that we establish in order to express our connection to our spiritual dimension. It is...

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Ceremony: Medicine Wheel: Animals Totems

This is an example of a ritual that can be adapted according to the activity. Use the elements that suit you. This...

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Ceremony: Consecration of a Tool of Power

This is an example of a ritual that can be adapted according to the tool to be blessed and activated. Use the...

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How to Activate the Violet Flame: Saint-Germain’s Alchemy

Familiarize yourself with the purple flame of the Essence-Ciel Portal. Once you've done the practice of releasing what you would like to...

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Ceremony: Blessing Wishes from the Pyramid of Wishes

Ceremony created and performed by Monique Briand. Energy centering; State of gratitude. Gratitudes Thank you to all the customers of Essence-Ciel, to...

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Visualization: Introduction to the front and back chakras

The primary chakras are our seven energy centers that run along the spine and cross our physical body. Thus, there is the...

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Ceremony: Totems Animal Welcoming and Expression of Gratitude for their Medicines

Greetings to you, the totem animals that guide me. Today, I have the happiness and the privilege to identify you, to know...

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Decree: Violet Flame and Higher Self invocation

I invoke the presence of the solar violet flame of the 5th dimension in a way that it go through me, impregnates...

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Exercise to open the heart with the help of the Archangel Raphael

To begin the exercise Activate the violet energy flame with the help of Saint-Germain or use a purple flame as physical support...

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Consécration de ton pendule

Voici un rituel d'activation pour un travail énergétique avec votre soi supérieur (la voix/voie de votre intuition) Vous pouvez faire cette consécration...

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Ritual: Purification and Activation of a Stone

Steps for the purification and activation of a stone We take the time to focus on the heart (see "Centering" decree). Use...

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Cérémonie Roue de Médecine Fleur de Vie

Détails et texte de la Cérémonie dans la Roue de Médecine Arc-en-Ciel (10/06/2016) La Création de cette cérémonie est un accomplissement conjoint entre...

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Cleaning the Solar Plexus with the Water Element

The water element is recognized from all time, all traditions and in several cultures as being source of life, of purification and...

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Purification Ritual with Sage: Smudging with Teaching

Consultation of 30 minutes rate or more + purchase of a sage stick You buy the sage stick that will be blessed...

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Ceremony: Consecration of a Sacred Tool

This is an example of a ritual that can be adapted according to the tool to bless and to activate. Use the...

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Ritual: Tarot Initiation

Decide on the best time to start your initiation with the tarot. When you are ready to begin the ritual: Remove the...

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How to Stimulate the 3rd Eye

Take a deep breath and focus your attention on the area inbetween your eyes. Through your inner vision, let yourself perceive a...

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Light up a Lantern for the Passage

We can light a lantern to accompany a deceased loved one. The flame symbolizes the passage to light and serves as a...

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Magnetizing the Dreamcatcher

Place the center of the dream catcher on your left hand (it's a direct connection to your heart) and place your right...

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How to: Smudging / Purification with Sage (Introduction)

Smoke from herbs or from incense is used to cleanse and balance the energy field around people, objects, homes and even sacred...

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Reiki for Studies and Exams

Le symboles Sei Hei Ki et Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen présent dans le Reiki vous sont expliqués dans leur support apporté quant aux études et aux examens.

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