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This section contains two categories of written articles: teaching writings and descriptive writings.

The teaching writings are articles of an educational and / or developmental nature on a subject which motivates to know more. They include techniques for using a product, articles from training, methods and approaches. For example, there are Reiki an art of living, Crystal skulls and The benefits of centering.

The descriptive writings are introductory and promotional articles. They include the definition of a section, the definition or presentation of a product or service, the presentation of a counselor, therapist, consultant or teacher.

Face aux défis… Action!

Au sujet de l’anxiété, la peur et le stress omniprésents; Souvenons-nous que nous sommes bien outillés face aux défis de la vie!...

Article écrit par Monique Briand, publié le 13 March 2020 En savoir plus

A turning point for your life is possible

Reiki for life: It's a step on Your Path to Success, a step towards realizing your life of dreams.

Article écrit par Monique Briand, publié le 2 August 2019 En savoir plus

Are you well« grounded »?

Have you ever been told that you needed to "ground yourself," that you were floating… or that you were somewhere else or...

Article écrit par Monique Briand, publié le 20 July 2019 En savoir plus

Practicing Tarot in our everyday life

You have several oracle or Tarot games at home, but you do not use them often? You seek to learn about your cards and to develop your relationship with your oracles? This article is for you!

Article écrit par Karine, publié le 23 February 2019 En savoir plus

Be Energized: Sun, Water and Dandelion

Tired? Drained? In lack of energy? Did you know that your solar plexus can become engorged by the environment's energies and your...

En savoir plus

Are animals speaking to you?

Did you have significant experiences with certain animals? Have you noticed animals with abnormal behaviors? Do some animals persist or visit you...

En savoir plus

The best Reiki in Outaouais, thanks to a dream! Are you part of it?

I have a dream for Reiki and this is a big dream... My personal history with Reiki has shown me how important...

En savoir plus

Creation of your Life Mission Journal

Why create a Life Mission Journal? In order to exceed the limits of the left brain. Taking stock in writing is a...

En savoir plus

Chakra cares

1. Guided meditations (Book-CD: The purification of the chakras of Doreen Virtue) 2. Practice visualizations and do exercises for the chakras 3....

En savoir plus

How to Listen to the Chakras

Being centered in our body See the workshop: Centering Schedule an appointment for a consultation for an energy centering (819) 568-2643 Talking...

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How to Recognize True Guidance

According to Doreen Virtue's teachings: Guidance Mature tone, wise content Constance, repeat the same things Reveals our life mission Makes us happy...

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How to Develop your Extrasensory Perceptions

Practice Reiki; Use visualizations and guided meditations; Take shamanic journeys and / or exercises in a state of expanding consciousness. For example,...

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Communication with the Angels

Communication with angels goes through the right brain (dreams, meditation, imagination). We can stimulate the relationship with our angels, they wait for...

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5 Bénéfices d’une relation avec nos Anges

Guidance et protection Encouragement à être le meilleur de nous-mêmes Accompagnement avec notre développement spirituel et nos ouvertures psychiques Guérison et libération...

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Et toi, qu’est-ce que tu choisis pour ta vie?

3 Approches évolutives de l’être : La Croissance Personnelle, le Développement Psychique et la Vie Spirituelle La Croissance Personnelle La croissance personnelle...

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En finir avec le stress!

Nous savons qu’il est efficace de traiter un problème à sa source ou de découvrir la cause derrière une maladie ou un...

En savoir plus

Are you experiencing too much stress?

Some sources of stress Abuse Constant noises Life changes Health problems Death of a loved one Career Job dissatisfaction Job loss Change...

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Le pendule: Savoir-faire important

Apprendre à utiliser un pendule est facile. Après quelques minutes de pratique, tous peuvent en faire l'usage. Pour devenir expert, le pendule...

En savoir plus

Comment programmer ton pendule

Comment programmer votre pendule pour recevoir ses signaux  Centrez-vous (voir le décret du centrage) Le oui : soit vous pensez le oui ou...

En savoir plus

Comment tenir son pendule

Vos mains, vos bras et vos jambes sont décroisés. Tenez le fil entre le pouce et l’index en serrant le moins fort...

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L’attrait du pendule

Pourquoi se servir du pendule... Le pendule nous mets au diapason de notre intuition. Il nous aide à développper notre intuition et...

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Why and how to clean and purify stones?

The stones store information, vibrate at a slower and denser frequency than the human physical body and they protect us (See the...

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Renewal of interest in Tarot and in Divinatory Arts

Thanks to new knowledge related to the Law of Attraction, there is a renewed interest in the field of divinatory arts, and...

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Different symbolic languages

Numerology - numbers - digital sequences Colors Nature Totem animals The sounds - the tones Odors - fragrances Symbols of various oracles...

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Prayer: To Get the Courage to follow our Mission of Life

Dear Archangel Michael, I invoke you, hear this prayer that comes from my heart. I ask to be aware of my life...

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Prayer: To remember our Life Mission

Dear God and angels, I call upon you, hear this prayer which comes from my heart. It seems like I forgot why...

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Entamer un travail sur soi

Pourquoi entamer un travail sur soi? Pour répondre aux questions : • Qui suis-je? • Qu’est-ce que je suis supposé faire? Donc,...

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Energetic Wands

For a practice filled with benefits, light, magic and love. Energetic wands have long been used by healers around the world to...

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Am I Medium? The multiple Medium’s Categories

There is confusion about mediumship. Currently, it is poorly defined and poorly recognized in our contemporary society. Individuals who are born with...

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