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Here you will find the answers we offer in relation to the questions we are most frequently asked. They represent the needs expressed by our customers. Among other, the formative activities we offer have been developed in response to these knowledge needed.

In addition, the products we offer are chosen for their meaning and relevance to guide and support an aspect of the journey. The suggested products and services have been proven and found to be beneficial. We therefore confidently suggest what we know.

We hope that you will benefit from the wide choice available to you and that you will continue your quest for wellness with pleasure and through several channels.

Are you well« grounded »?

Have you ever been told that you needed to "ground yourself," that you were floating… or that you were somewhere else or...

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Are animals speaking to you?

Did you have significant experiences with certain animals? Have you noticed animals with abnormal behaviors? Do some animals persist or visit you...

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Are you experiencing too much stress?

Some sources of stress Abuse Constant noises Life changes Health problems Death of a loved one Career Job dissatisfaction Job loss Change...

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Why and how to clean and purify stones?

The stones store information, vibrate at a slower and denser frequency than the human physical body and they protect us (See the...

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How to be align with our Life Mission?

Some approaches to discover your life mission Have the intention (Intention and Will) Know yourself and have self-confidence (Knowledge and Self-confidence) Being...

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Am I Medium? The multiple Medium’s Categories

There is confusion about mediumship. Currently, it is poorly defined and poorly recognized in our contemporary society. Individuals who are born with...

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Am I Medium?

Since you are ready to open yourself to this possibility, you can embark on a developmental path to mediumship. 1. You can...

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How to use an Angelique Oracle?

Before your reading Imagine an atmosphere suitable to the exercise. You can create your own ritual (candles, incense, meditations, rules, etc.) Count...

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How to choose an Oracle?

What is an oracle? The oracle serves as an intermediary between the conscious and the unconscious. In this case, it is a...

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I feel invisible presences around me, is it possible?

Indeed, we are surrounded by energies invisible to our eyes. These energies can be positive or negative, beneficial or undesirable. Since you...

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