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This 2nd of February, let’s make Abundance for the year!

Abundance : Buy your salt February 2nd at Essence-Ciel! ⛰️ There is a tradition to ensure abundance for the coming year: just...

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Creation of a Sacred Altar

The sacred altar is a special space that we establish in order to express our connection to our spiritual dimension. It is...

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Prayer: To Get the Courage to follow our Mission of Life

Dear Archangel Michael, I invoke you, hear this prayer that comes from my heart. I ask to be aware of my life...

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Prayer: To remember our Life Mission

Dear God and angels, I call upon you, hear this prayer which comes from my heart. It seems like I forgot why...

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Baleines et dauphins

Nous visualisons un endroit et un temps où les gens font des pèlerinages vers les côtes de tous les pays pour être...

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Decree: A healthy approach to life, chakra by chakra

♥ I join Mother Earth and say YES to Life! ♥ I create my life in the image of who I AM....

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