Crystal Bowl Healing 2012

Steven Halpern presents an update on his absorbing 2003 album CRYSTAL BOWL HEALING for 2012, including several new tracks and newly remastered sound quality. The album features Halpern’s use of several types of bowls: Crystal Tones quartz bowls, Aqua 24K gold bowl, Egyptian blue bowl, classic frosted bowls and “tuning fork” style practitioner bowls. The result is a wide spectrum of tones and vibrations, ranging from clear, ringing sounds to lower-toned striking sounds. The atmosphere created is charged and powerful, making it essential for meditation and healing work. Dreamy keyboard tones echo in the backdrop of many of the cuts, acting to enhance the bowl sounds and create an ethereal atmosphere. Five new tracks (totaling over 20 minutes) are featured, which add to the richness of the recording.