Shiva – Shakti Mantras

Composed especially for mantra practice, meditation and vinyasa flow yoga, from rythmic percussions and earthly rythms to meditative groove.
Mantra practice can create miracles. May this CD bring you joy, healing, strength and support in your everyday life.
Mantras are a series of words belonging to the ancient traditions and holding healing and transformative power and energy.
A mantra can be sung or recited silently within ourselves, or listened to.
Complete information booklet included inside.

They are an excellent way to energize a project, a wish or a prayer, to foster strength, healing and vitality within our physical body, heart and mind, and to send positive energy to someone in particular, a group or to all of humanity.

VERONIQUE DUMONT has more than 15 years experience leading large groups in various workshops at the Institute for Personal Growth, 20 years of professional experience in aerial circus (both teaching and as a professional performer), and is a Prana Flow® Yoga teacher.
Véronique offers yoga retreats and weekend intensives all year long as well as a yoga teachers’ training in Prana/Vinyasa Flow® within the program of the Institute for personal Growth in Quebec.

ROGERIO JARDIM is a professional drummer/singer/composer, touring and recording for the past 25 years with various artists. His interests range from world music to jazz, and he is well-known as the drummer for the Rock-electronic band Infected Mushroom.
He has been busy performing every weekend of the year for big audiences all over the world.
During the week, he is back home in Los Angeles and works at his own studio recording drums, singing, composing or producing other artists.